HAYP Pop Up Gallery

HAYP Pop Up gallery is a nomadic gallery that sets up temporary exhibitions throughout Armenia, in unexpected places like vacant storefronts, for-rent buildings, trains or abandoned factories. The city is our gallery!

Photo credits: Areg Kozmoyan


Our mission is to elevate contemporary art in Armenia by curating dynamic exhibitions in innovative ways.  We create environments for contemporary artists to make their voice heard, and invite passersby to cast a second look at rundown, abandoned, or forgotten spaces. We aim to build community by confronting people with art in unexpected spaces, and bringing contemporary art to communities that don’t normally have access. We keep our spaces active through a dynamic program of events including experimental performance, dance, theater, music, and discussions related to our exhibition theme. To find out more about HAYP and its previous exhibits and events, click here.

In addition to project and marketing management for New Illuminations, HAYP Pop Up Gallery will curate an exhibition of the works produced during the workshop through “Codex: Illuminating Women’s Stories Though Contemporary Manuscripts”.